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You can't go wrong birding here in Colorado.  The diversity of terrain, elevation, sunny or shady exposure, different types of vegetation, wet and dry areas, proximity to farm fields and excellent stewardship by both public and private land managers provides enough opportunity to expand any ornithologist's life list.  Here's an example of one area that's truly "for the birds".

Birds, Birds, Birds

With hundreds of thousands of acres to roam around, the National Forests provide awesome habitat for birds!  


No matter what season of the year, the wildlife watching here is usually grand, just like the scenery, solitude and adventure. Pick a time that suits your schedule and let us know what kind of an experience you are looking for. From rocky parklands to towering forests, we can accommodate your wishes.


Contact:  719-649-7385

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Click photos for slide show

Click photos for slide show

Colorado's Best Birding

Colorado's bird species list holds more than 500 different birds.  Southeastern Colorado features just about all of them.


* If you want to add some birds to your list, we can help you do that.


* If you want us to help you make up a birding itinerary that travels to the far corners of the state, we can do that.


* If you want to find a great place to bird, hike, relax, photograph, camp or backpack and just enjoy life - we can do that.

Let us know what

you are looking for

and we can help

you get exactly that!

Contact Us - to schedule a birding adventure on the Colorado Birding Trail

Birding Adventures

Let's face it - It isn't only about the birds!


You want to find a place where you can create an adventure, explore wild country, feast on spectacular scenery, commune with wild creatures, sit by a creek or a pond and simply enjoy life.   This is the place!


Join us any time of the year for an adventure that you can add to your memories, post on Facebook, write on your blog, tell all your friends or just phone home, about us.  We'll make sure you leave happy and ready to return.

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