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Going Wild VI

Late Afternoon:  Lower Paria Canyon 

                        Chester attempts to shed his dog pack by crushing nearly all of the tamarisk and willows at the river's edge 


Last Camp:

After a fantastic sunset and dinner with talcum powder pudding, the members relaxed for their final night along the wild, isolated river.  Under two lone cottonwoods, they pitched camp and slept easy under the cold, clear, desert sky.

The next morning, after a light breakfast, the members began their final leg of the long journey.

Here are the five members at the BLM Register near the mouth of the canyon.  After a long, hot day they enjoyed a cold soda from the Lee's Ferry Store and an icy dip in the clear cold Colorado River.

John K (left) and Karen (center) clasp hands as John S, Chester and Chelsea pose for the final photo of the trip.  John K's incredibly cool shorts will be featured as a brand new item in all Colorado Holubar Outlets next year.  What a good deal!!

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