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Going Wild V

 Desert Survival Hint:

"Stay out of there.  Don't go. Stay home and read a good book.  The Great American Desert is an awful place.  People get hurt, get sick, get lost out there.  Even if you do survive, which is uncertain, you'll have a miserable time.  The desert is for Movies and God-intoxicated (or just intoxicated ) mystics, not for family recreation"    

Edward Abbey 


Chelsea shakes off excess water after one of the many river crossings

John K is shown after shaking off excess clothing and scaling the seep at the head of Bush Canyon

As the canyon widened and turned southward,  the trail climbed high above the stream bed  and crossed the rough and rocky talus slopes  beneath the towering canyon walls.

The infamous Elick Petroglyphs are studied by this delighted backpacker.  The expedition nearly missed this extraordinary landmark altogether, but luckily they turned around in the nick of time.

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