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Looking at life through a camera lens has been one of my persistent habits since my college days.  Although it seems ages ago, a photographer's relationship to his camera used to be a complex balance of Art and Science, with the technical aspects of cameras, exposure, film and flash a part of every day photo making.  Incredibly, the cell phones that we carry around today have the ability to capture daily life and activities at least as well.  And much more conveniently.

Capturing life on film simply seemed a bit more magical, shooting a roll of Kodachrome 25 or Agfa 64 then dropping that film off at the local camera store to get shipped back to a far-off lab for processing into 35 mm slides was the first step.  Then, you eagerly awaited retrieving the box of stacked, dated and numbered transparencies from the quirky shop a week later.  That anticipation was a huge part of our photo experience, back in the day, the wait for confirmation that your skills and equipment had captured the subject was exciting and sometimes excruciating.  Nowadays, our patience is not nearly so well-tested, w/the advent of digital photography - the gratification is immediate and we can compare subject and photo on the spot; compensating for light, shadow, wind, movement, focus, depth of field, expression and other variables with nothing more than a few more clicks of the shutter release.

I hope you enjoy perusing the photos featured in this gallery.  Some are from old slides, many were shot w/digital cameras in the last 25 years.  Hopefully, one or more may bring you a sense of satisfaction, joy, awe or amusement - just as they have for me.  Please come back to revisit this gallery, as the selection of photos will change, over time.

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