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Going Wild III

As the sun set, the members relaxed at their first camp, just upstream from the dangerous "Narrows".

Surrounded by the striated canyon walls they slept peacefully under a clear and starry sky.


Next morning, after an early start they entered the "Narrows".  Deep water, treacherous quicksand and the fantastic scenery slowed their pace to a crawl.  Later, Chester and John K found a particularly deep hole for swimming.  John's camera is drowned and finished by the silty, gritty, green water.

Following this setback, the members pushed on deeper and deeper into the darkest reaches of the "Narrows".  

Chester, fearless and courageous scout for the expedition, is shown carrying the week's supply of "Gaines Burgers".  Chester never failed to find the hardest and most dangerous passage and kept the other members laughing with his hilarious antics.


 Suggestion from BLM

"High Canvas Boots are recommended because hiking requires crossing and recrossing the stream, sometimes over rocky areas"

This Canyon Visitor Agrees!

The dark and light

interior of Buckskin Gulch

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