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Going Wild

A life filled with adventure has provided me and my family with some priceless moments here in the West.  Over the  years, living life and  experiencing some awesome recreational opportunities has made the time fly by.  On these  pages, you will find descriptions of some of our more fantastic and life-affirming outings in some of the best places  and with some of the best people I know.  Enjoy!


The handmade book that journaled our expedition down one of Utah's most amazing desert river canyons will give you  a little taste of what that march down the slickrock canyon of the Paria River to its confluence with the mighty  Colorado River near Lee's Ferry was like.  Remember that travel down the narrow slot canyons can be dangerous.  Always  investigate your weather window to limit the risk of flash flooding while you are negotiating the river and its  narrow  confines.  Always check in with the land management agency office or ranger station near your destination  for  the  latest information and safety tips.  Make sure that you do not go alone and give your friends or relatives  back home a  copy of your trip itinerary and your estimated date of return.  A safe trip and return are the key to an  awesome and  memorable experience in the wilderness.  Happy Trails!

Going Wild I
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